Why bando bot?

Welcome to Bando Bot: Elevate Your Discord Experience! Ready to revolutionize your server? Bando Bot brings a fresh breeze of unique commands and awesome features!

Guess what? Our latest version rocks Discord Cloud (secure storage) for ultimate stability. No more glitches, just smooth sailing! Store files and messages worry-free, always within reach!

But wait, there's more! Dive into exciting games, keep things in line with our moderation tools, and craft personalized voice chats - your server, your way!

Unlock the magic with 'bndhelp' and join the adventure. Elevate your Discord game with Bando Bot!


We are provide the best for you.

Feature 1

Seamless Storage

Enhanced Stability: Bando Bot seamlessly integrates with Discord Cloud, ensuring a stable environment for file and message storage within your server.

Usage: Employ bndsave <image|text> to save files and messages effortlessly. Access your stored data via bndcloud with a custom pincode for retrieval.

Simplified Storage: Effortlessly manage and access files, enhancing server organization for a smoother experience!

Feature 2

Diverse s

New - bndflag: Explore a fresh server interaction approach with bndflag!
Engaging Fun s: Enjoy a range of fun activities, games, and quizzes.
Innovative Functionality: Discover unique s elevating server dynamics.


- bndflag introduces a new server interaction.
- Dive into engaging activities.
- Explore innovative functionalities.

Enhance your server dynamics effortlessly!

Feature 3

Customized Voice Spaces: Effortlessly personalize your voice channels to create unique communication environments perfectly suited to your server's needs.

Robust System: Explore a diverse range of Discord.js language-powered s. Manage your server efficiently with the support of a MongoDB database, ensuring a seamless user experience. For more information check out commands on top of it.

Inclusive Content Support: Apart from that, we support Quran recitations, soulful nasheed, and more, creating an inclusive community atmosphere. Enjoy the bando bot!


BandoBot Price



per Month

  • 10GB storage
  • 10 reaction role
  • 5 AI-message per day
  • 10 custom voice
  • 24/7 support
BandoBot Price



per Month

  • 25GB storage
  • 15 reaction role
  • 8 AI-message per day
  • 15 custom voice
  • 24/7 support
BandoBot Price



per Month

  • 250GB storage
  • 30 reaction role
  • 25 AI-message per day
  • 50 custom voice
  • 24/7 support
BandoBot Price



per Month

  • 1TB storage
  • Unlimited reaction role
  • 100 AI-message per day
  • Unlimited custom voice
  • 24/7 support

We currently services...

43 servers
2887 users
1193 channels